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Café #1 - January 20

For "homework" read chapters 1 and 2 of Topology: A Categorical Approach and attempt the following:

Café #2 - February 10th at 1:30-2:30pm EST

We'll start to follow along with the Albin lectures (found here). For the 10th, aim for listening to the first two lectures + whatever supplemental reading you think might be relevant / helpful from Hatcher (link).

Instead of assigning problems, look at Albin's homework #1 (link) and choose one you think might be tractable to work on. As usual we can discuss on slack or via ad-hoc meetings in the upcoming weeks.

Café #3 - Selected Topics in Kleene Algebra

Cheng hasn't assigned any homework.

Café #4 - Prep for Jean-Eric Pin's Lecture

In preperation for Dr. Jean-Eric Pin's lecture on the Generalized Star Height Problem, we will discuss the following concepts:

  1. first order logic
  2. words and languages
  3. finite deterministic automata
  4. regular expressions
  5. monoids
  6. metric spaces
    • completion of a metric
Dr. Pin has provided us with some hand-written nodes which we can use as a resource.