Boston Computation Club

The Boston Computation Club is a small seminar group focused on mathematical computer science, and computational mathematics. Its name is plagiarized from the London Computation Club. Boston Computation Club meetings occur roughly every other week, on weekends, around 5pm EDT (modulo speaker availability). The usual format is a 20m presentation followed by 40m of discussion. Presenters can assume the audience is mathematically savvy, but cannot assume any definitions are known to begin with. The Club has no strict leadership but is gently guided by Max von Hippel, Jacob Denbeaux, Billy Kalfus, Sam Stites, & friends.
To join the Slack & attend future talks, or if you would like to give a talk, email vonhippel [ dot ] m [ at ] northeastern [ dot ] edu, or tweet @maxvonhippel. You can find us on YouTube or Anchor.

Next Meeting: January 20, 2022 at 1:30PM EST

Topology Café #1, lead by Sam Stites (has some homework!)

Prior Meetings

01/14/22: Topology Homework Session #2: The Quotient Topology
01/13/22: Topology Homework Session #1: The Zariski Topology over spec R
01/08/22: Covert C2 Channels, Kai Bernardini [VIDEO] [AUDIO] [GITHUB] [TWITTER]
12/15/21: Blockchain Café #1: Formal Methods for Smart Contracts [PAPER]
12/04/21: Feynman Integrals for a Mathematical Audience, Matt von Hippel [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
12/03/21: Aesthetic and Organic Complexity, Tyler Hobbs and Bill Cresco, moderated by Joe and Anya [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
10/29/21: It's Just Math and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, Jade Edenstar Master
10/24/21: An Extensible and Modular Design and Implementation of Monte Carlo Tree Search for the JVM, Larkin Liu and (in attendance) Jun Tao Luo [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
10/15/21: Mathematical Programming Modulo Strings, Ankit Kumar [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
10/09/21: Types in PL Research vs Types in Julia, Julia Belyakova [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
09/25/21: Labor and Unions, Jacob Morrison and Adam Keller [NU Grad Union] [ALSO: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ]
09/18/21: Live Coding Hacking, Max von Hippel (pilot) and Jacob Denbeaux (copilot)
09/12/21: More Category Theory for More Cybernetics, Matteo Capucci [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
08/28/21: Compilation Techniques for Reconfigurable Analog Devices, Sara Achour [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
08/20/21: An Open Question in Category Theory, Alex Martsinkovsky [NOTES]
08/14/21: Minimal Length Representations of Database Provenance, Neha Makhija
07/30/21: Structural Attacks on Local Routing in Payment Channel Networks, Ben Weintraub [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
07/24/21: Linear Haskell, Artem Pelenitsyn [SLIDES] [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
07/10/21: Biology Café #1: The Illogical Nature of Chemical Nomenclature, Sophia von Hippel [NOTES] [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
06/25/21: Q&A, John Launchbury
06/13/21: Modeling Content and Context with Deep Relational Learning, Maria Leonor Pacheco [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
06/06/21: Quantum Café #5: Formal Methods (revisited)
05/29/21: Homotopy Type Theory 101, Carlo Angiuli [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
05/15/21: How Does a Health Actuary Estimate a Reserve?, Paul Johnson [CHANNEL]
05/01/21: Assembly Programming for M1, Chris Patuzzo [SLIDES]
04/25/21: Open Discussion
04/17/21: Quantum Café #4: Grand Unified Theories
04/11/21: Project Waves, Jacob Denbeaux [RELATED NEWS]
03/27/21: Introduction to Operational Security, The Grugq
03/21/21: Quantum Café #3: Syntax and Semantics [NOTES]
03/13/21: Concurrent Interpretations of Authorization Logic, Andrew K. Hirsch [PAPERS: 1,2,3] [SLIDES]
02/28/21: Quantum Café #2: Noisy Quantum Gates
02/27/21: Nuclear Non Proliferation - Role of Citizen Scientists, Frank N. von Hippel [COALITION]
02/21/21: Quantum Series #2: Entanglement, Billy Kalfus
02/13/21: Quantum Café #1: Formal Methods
02/07/21: Quantum Series #1: Fundamentals, Billy Kalfus
01/24/21: Algorithmic Artwork, Tyler Hobbs
01/09/21: Category Theory for Cybernetics, Jules Hedges
12/27/20: Dilemma Languages & Moral Codes, Max von Hippel [NOTES] [RELATED]
12/13/20: Compositional PCA for Microbiome data, Jamie Morton [CODE]
11/29/20: Parsing Real-World Data Formats, Prashant Anantharaman [SLIDES]
11/15/20: What Decentralization Is And Isn't, Paul Miller [SLIDES]
11/01/20: The Yoneda Lemma, Tyler Bryson [SLIDES] [BOOK]
10/17/20: Overfitting Management in ML Applications, Frances Hubis
10/03/20: Testing the Paradigm of Asteroidal Dust around White Dwarfs, Ted von Hippel
09/20/20: Implications of Collaborative Filtering, Jacob Denbeaux
09/06/20: Graph Representations for Higher Order Logic, Sam Stites
08/16/20: Programming from Galois Connections, Max von Hippel [NOTES full of typos]

Future Meetings

Other Clubs

We're not the only rodeo in town. If you like us, be sure to check out Intercats (from the Topos Institute); and the Online Worldwide Seminar on Logic and Semantics, London Computation Club, IIT Bangalore Theory Club, Offbeat Computation Club, MIT CSAIL Security Seminar, MIT Categories Seminar, Waterloo ML+Logic Colloquium, Northeastern PL Seminar, and always-wonderful Northeastern Topology Seminar. If you'd like your club to be listed here as well, shoot Max an email.

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